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Version 0.4.3 "Chomping Chihuahua" is here!


"Chomping Chihuahua" Release Highlights:


  • New UI.
  • Multi DC.
  • New Docs.


Get it here: "Installation Guide" "The FiFo Manual"  "Upgrade Guide"

0.4.2 Changelog

Recent FiFo News:

eternal truthAll

Read the documentation of the software you install and use!

10 December 2013DevSupport for Active Anti Entropy.
5 December 2013DevNew config file layout.
22 November 2013DevChange on the web interface layout.
14 November 2013CurNew Release "Smiling Spaniel".
11 November 2013DevFix incorrect line ending added to hypervisor uuid. Note: requires pkg update and manual fix steps.
4 November 2013DevKVM dataset creation from snapshot now working properly again.
19 October 2013DevDev packages now require new FiFo zone dataset of base64 13.2.1 : Please see zone upgrade guide.
16 October 2013DevFixed issue : noVNC console not working with latest Chrome 30.
2 October 2013DevChange package naming scheme to use new prefix e.g "fifo-snarl".
1 October 2013 DevHypervisors are now identified by a uuid instead of hostname.


Project FiFo is an open-source Cloud Management and Orchestration system for SmartOS virtualisation environments. The components of FiFo are written entirely in Erlang which gives the suite excellent stability and fault recovery as it continues maturing to a production quality release.

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